"Here to help you add visually appealing effects to both, pictures and videos, is an iOS tool called PowerCam."

"All the pics I take with this app is like taking them at a studio! Many friends thinks that's where I get them until I tell them I use this app!"
- Ondrea

A Million Shades of Fun

Shoot it. Style it. Share it.


Capture Photos with Real-time Effects

Wondershare PowerCam lets you add effects to photos in real time before taking the picture. Swipe to switch between 60 + amazing effects for inspiration or simply for fun.

Shoot Video with Real-time Effects

Wondershare PowerCam is the only app that lets you make a full length movie, then apply and switch effects in real time, to set the mood just like Hollywood.



Play with the focus of the lens to make things mini. Use Linear Mode for landscapes and Polar Mode for round or square objects.

Color Splash

Make your photo pop by keeping a bit of color against a background of black and white, or black and white against a color background.

Tap to Sketch

Everybody loves the look of a skillful line sketch of people, buildings, anything really.


Get that 50’s look with warm, worn-out tones, 1920’s style sepia, or that bleached, photo-booth look, it’s all here.

Color Overload

Add that raw look and give your photos attitude, like an awseome rock poster.

Animated Styles

Add fire, snow, rain and more to excite the mood without getting wet.

Funhouse Mirror

Have your friends seeing double or looking like they just stepped out of cartoon.


Give your photo crazy depth with another layer of color or dimension.

More fun with amazing effects

  • 1920movie
  • backyard
  • bigface
  • bubbleB
  • chocolate
  • crosspro
  • japanese
  • lomo_cyan
  • original
  • posterize
  • retrol
  • romantic
  • shineB

Add Effects While You Shoot & After You Shoot

Add over 60 real-time effects to live photo or video while you capture or photos already on your iPhone Camera Roll. Choosing one of the many amazing effects is as simple as scroll, select, shoot. Express the mood of your photo or video in the moment when it’s fresh in your mind.

Showcase Your Masterpieces

Fabulous Frames
Showcase Your Work:
Choose from one of a selection of fun and kooky frames. Perfect for your friends who take their Facebook “wall” very seriously.

Create an Eclectic Collage: Tell a story in snapshots. Drop photos in to one of many crafty collage templates straight from your Wondershare PowerCam gallery or your iPhone CameraRoll.


Share Almost Anywhere

Share your latest creations instantly to Instagram, Flickr, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Tumblr, E-mail and other photo and video sharing sites.

Upload Multiple Files at Once

As long as you’re uploading them all to one platform, to Facebook for example, you can upload many photos/videos at once, no problem.